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Banner Graphics

Banners are most typically effective next to written text and articles and can be added as a sidebar widget on your blog! You'll also get high click-throughs when placed on thank-you pages, download pages and anywhere else in a sequence of events. Try to avoid placing too many banners on one page as it will distract and put off your visitors.











Get The Most From Your Graphics

Link to our site every time you have any related content.

If for example you're selling a low-priced course $10 on the WSO, add a banner to your download page and treat is as a 'bonus' for your customers.

If for example you're giving away a free report on how to get traffic with Twitter, Social Bookmarking, Articles, etc. (just Google 'traffic plr') you can add a link at the footer of every page to Trafftastic through your affiliate link. Your link will say something like... 'FREE Video Reveals 24 Hour Traffic Plan... http://www...'

You can also use this technique to add a bonus section to your free or paid report. Add a 'bonus' advertisement just after the front page or after the disclaimer, and add another at the end of your report and link to your affiliate link!

Create a sales letter for your paid report and then offer Master Resell Rights to it! Get resellers spreading your affiliate link for you! Want to take it a step further?... Offer branding rights so they can customize some of the links and pages inside your product (except your affiliate link).

Do you already own a membership site?... Then add a graphic to your login and logout pages! You can make money just placing a banner and completely forgetting about it!

Do you already have a squeeze page where you're collecting new leads every day?... Then add a graphic to your thank you page or confirmation page! Your new subscribers are ACTIVE and have just filled in their details - they're most certainly going to click an attractive banner!