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Now's Your chance to Liven Up Your Sales Pages & Boost Your Conversion Rates With Our Powerful Video Presentations!

Grab 200 Whiteboard Doodles, 12 Video Testimonials, 100 Background Music, 37 Motion Graphics Videos All For One Low Fee!

*Warning This Is A Huge 1.58GB Download!*
Multi-Media Content Packed With MP4s, MP3s and PNGs!


If you use videos for your marketing efforts or plan to, you’re going to absolutely LOVE this!

We’ve created an assortment of graphic elements, background music, audio loops, motion background videos and so much more you can use for your sales video skins, online and offline presentations... and more to massively increase your sales and leads!

You don’t need to be a Photoshop expert, and you don't need to be a video expert either.

As long as you know how to copy and paste - you can beautify your sales letters and video presentations within minutes!

Whiteboard Doodles 01: Internet Marketer

Whiteboard Doodles 02: Work From Home Mom

Whiteboard Doodles 03: Diabetes Patient

Whiteboard Doodles 04: Motivation

Whiteboard Doodles 05: Monsters Mascot

Whiteboard Doodles 06: Online Marketing Elements

Whiteboard Doodles 07: Happiness Elements

Whiteboard Doodles 08: Eco Nature Elements

Whiteboard Doodles 09: Electronic Gadgets Elements

Whiteboard Doodles 10: Food and Drinks Elements

Weight Loss Testimonials

Dating Testimonials

Music Sample Tracks


Motion Graphics 1: Fire

Motion Graphics 4: Neon Light Streak

Motion Graphics 7: Dancing Light Orb

Motion Graphics 10: Water Splash 1

Motion Graphics 13: Fireworks 1

Motion Graphics 16: Lightning Strike

Motion Graphics 2: Green Ink

Motion Graphics 5: Power Leak

Motion Graphics 8: Hot Wire Streaks

Motion Graphics 11: Water Splash 2

Motion Graphics 14: Fireworks 2

Motion Graphics 17: Smoke

Motion Graphics 3: Red Ink

Motion Graphics 6: Neon Purple Energy

Motion Graphics 9: Rose Petals Fall

Motion Graphics 12: Snowfall

Motion Graphics 13: Fireworks 3

Motion Graphics 18: Fog

Video Background 1

Video Background 4

Video Background 7

Video Background 2

Video Background 5

Video Background 8

Video Background 3

Video Background 6

Video Background 9


Take Your Plain Boring Sales Letters to The Next Level and Use Dynamic Videos and Illustrations To Dramatically Increase Your Sales!

*Warning This Is A Huge 1.58GB Download!*
Multi-Media Content Packed With MP4s, MP3s and PNGs!

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100 Sales Letters

100 Sales Letters